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Just for Fin is an author that writes about serious financial topics, in an easy-to-read, humorous and often
sarcastic manner. This makes important financial concepts easier to grasp for non-finance

The aim is to help increase awareness amongst the general public, on some very real issues
involving their money and investments, that they remain unaware about.

While the books are written in a light and humorous manner, the issues being discussed are real
and quite important, and all information provided is factually correct.

Books Published

In Defense of Tax Havens -
Why and how to join the club

A shift in narrative of tax havens away from the negatives and towards their many positives. The book explains why tax havens are actually wonderful places with many benefits and how it is both easy and recommended for you to join this exclusive club.

Uber Tax Haven -
Tax Haven for the masses

While we all want to save taxes, the complexities around offshore corporation structures makes it difficult for the common man to join. Uber tax haven is a revolutionary new concept of a corporate tax haven that will throw open the tax-saving and secrecy benefits of tax havens to the masses.

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